We are on a mission to support women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to educate, advocate, and raise awareness.

At this time, many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have advanced disease and require prolonged medical treatment. We would like to see this change so that fewer women have advanced disease and that all women have the availability of support and access to information as needed.

We are working to expand public awareness of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer in an effort to contribute to the early detection of this deadly disease, and by doing so, save lives. It could be you, your mother, sister, wife, daughter. Every woman is at risk and it is important that all women are educated about ovarian cancer.

You do not have to go through your journey with ovarian cancer alone. CT Women of Hope is here to answer your questions and link you with valuable resources in your community.  We will provide basic needs, gift baskets, and holiday food baskets and gifts for ovarian cancer families in need.

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Thank you Rose! We are so happy you enjoyed the day and keep fighting you are a true Teal Warrior~!
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Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! :Got your teal on: !
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The Run/Walk is done for this year but, we've only just begun! 5 Years going strong non profit, no paid employees, all money raised helps ovarian cancer survivors... If you didn't get to donate on the event site and would still like to please go to: www.ctwomenofhope.org and click on the pay pal link. Thank
you so much!
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