We are on a mission to support women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to educate, advocate, and raise awareness.

At this time, many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have advanced disease and require prolonged medical treatment. We would like to see this change so that fewer women have advanced disease and that all women have the availability of support and access to information as needed.

We are working to expand public awareness of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer in an effort to contribute to the early detection of this deadly disease, and by doing so, save lives. It could be you, your mother, sister, wife, daughter. Every woman is at risk and it is important that all women are educated about ovarian cancer.

You do not have to go through your journey with ovarian cancer alone. CT Women of Hope is here to answer your questions and link you with valuable resources in your community.  We will provide basic needs, gift baskets, and holiday food baskets and gifts for ovarian cancer families in need.

1st of January 2018 02:33 PM
Are you interested in volunteering? Do you have about 3-4 hours available per week. We will be listing new openings for volunteers for CT Women of Hope. We really need the help and thank you for your consideration!!

Public Education & Field Manager (getting literature into hospitals, cancer centers..Finding Health fairs throughout CT and booking our group to attend.

Support Groups (help to find locations in CT where they are held and contact info for them) Updated listing of all to add to brochures

Clerical - on a as needed basis

Ovarian Cancer Survivors who like to share their stories and help other women going through this disease...Send to email: ctwomenofhope@gmail.com with photo and story!

Open store on line and kieep updated with new items and pictures,.. On Our website and open to other social media/locations, Always looking for new handmade items!

more to come....
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