Dianne Sheridan

"She sent me across the hall to have an ultrasound and discovered I had a tumor on my left ovary."

Biggest thing is I was incredibly lucky. I think my symptoms started in October or November and I only remember a couple of them. I think I first noticed something ‘off’ when I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom a lot more frequently. It was especially noticeable when walking my dog, Remi. Kind of frustrating when there’s no bathroom around! The next thing was my jeans getting tighter. I was trying to lose weight but seemed bloated all the time. One night just after going to bed I touched my stomach and it felt hard. Kind of freaked me out so I finally scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician.

My appointment was December 17, and I first saw the physician assistant. She was about to send me home with medicine for GERD when the doctor decided to check on me. First thing she noticed was my belly button sticking out- like I was pregnant. After a few questions she quietly told me she suspected I had ovarian cancer. She sent me across the hall to have an ultrasound and discovered I had a tumor on my left ovary. After that everything was a whirlwind. I had a CT scan, and then surgery on December 26. My gynecologist was able to remove all signs of cancer, but wanted me to go through chemo as a precaution. My cancer was classified as 1C.

I’ll be in remission 3 years on May 15. Like I said whether God was looking over me or I was incredibly lucky. I later found out that my physician had a relative who died of ovarian cancer so she knew what to look for. I hate to think what would of happened if she hadn’t checked on me.

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